Section 8 Housing

Searching for Section 8 Housing in Hope, AR?

We'll help you find a place that's right for you

Trying to find Section 8 housing and applying by yourself can be difficult. Thankfully, Hope Housing Authority has you covered with our Section 8 housing services.

Unsure if you're eligible for Section 8 housing? We'll check everything for you once you apply. That way, you can know exactly what the requirements are and how you fit into them.

Call us today at 870-777-5742 to have your questions about our housing services answered.

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What is Section 8?

Wondering how Section 8 housing is different from other low-income housing options? Here's how it works:

  • A private landlord receives and accepts your Section 8 application
  • You pay a certain amount of the rent based on your income

We'll be here to help you with the application and leasing process. Take advantage of our Section 8 housing services by applying today.